An engineered brand

The key feature of a SCHUKO® connector is the earthing connection on the side, which is fixed to the connector and the opposing  socket. Its purpose is to divate hazardous voltages to earth, which can be caused by internal damage to the insulation of electrical equipment in a conductive housing, so that the user cannot be electrocuted. To meet this requirement, when the connector gets plugged into a socket, the electrically conducting connection is established by the earthing connection on the side first and then the plug pins contact the energized connection jacks inside the socket. In doing so, it’s not possible to touch the electrically conducted plugs, because of the connectors constructive design. This differentiates the SCHUKO® connector from all other connection sockets used worldwide.

So a particular form of plug and socket devices is associated with the trademark SCHUKO®. The requirements, defined in the VDE regulations and the DIN standards are fully met. It lays down the technical requirements and the measurements. The plugs and sockets, which are branded with the SCHUKO® trademark have to match the specifications in the DIN standard.

In the standards also the values for current and voltage for the plug and socket devices are declared. Thus, a SCHUKO® connection socket is suitable for alternating current systems with a line voltage of 230 V and a current of 16 A.

SCHUKO® connectors are available in a wide variety of different versions, for example a fixed in position version or a mobile version, a version with or without a dust protection, protection against splashing water, enhanced contact protection and much more.

A SCHUKO® connector is not a polarised system.

It should be noted, that the so-called Euro plugs for 2,5 A (plugs with a flat design with two connection jacks and without an earthing connection) can plugged harmlessly into a SCHUKO® socket, but they are no SCHUCKO® plugs, because of the missing earthing connection. The same applies fort he so-called contour plug for 16 A (plug with the same connector face as the SCHUKO® with two connection jacks, but also without the earthing connection).